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Friday, June 06, 2014

A Carrion Beetle comes to my front light, and more moths

I have never had this species of Beetle at my front porch light before. I have only ever seen them on carcasses of Wombats and Kangaroos, as road kill. They are called the "Carrion Beetle". Unpleasant habit, but they are interesting for they demonstrate that just about all "ecological niche" can have a specific insect to "do its job".
Here is a link to my post about these Beetles feeding on the legs of a dead Kangaroo, Not pretty, but, it is an important task (in nature).

Carrion Beetle on my screen door.

Carrion Beetle on my screen door.
 The other things which came to my front light tonight were small and medium sized moths.
One looks to me like a Bogong Moth. 

Bogong Moth
This one might also be Bogong Moth
It is clearly a male, with very fine antennae.
Whatever it is, it is very definitely severely worn in the wings. 
Possibly another Bogong Moth
Wings are damaged.
Very good set of antennae - presumably a male

EDIT: My friend Dave Britton from the Australian Museum has come to my rescue. He advised: "
This one is a different Agrotis, Agrotis porphyricollis (it has much bigger pectinations in the antenna." Dave.
See Wikipedia entry:

a medium-sized long thin Moth,
with few distinguishing features.

a medium-sized long thin Moth,
with few distinguishing features.

An unusual medium moth with very stiff wings.
it has a fine pattern on its wings.

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