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Tuesday, September 04, 2007

In search of Single-flowered Cherry Trees

Cherry Trees in Robertson, NSW - 1 October 2006

Today I received a "comment" on my posting of 11 August "Cherry Tree and Photo Exhibition"

Hello, Mr Denis Wilson. Thank you for showing us cherry blossoms. The Flowering Cherries are the most beloved trees in Japan.

Mr. Wilson, I would like to ask you about flowering cherry trees in Australia. I see only double flowering type of the cherry in Australia. On the other hand, 80% of the Japanese cherries are Somei-yoshino cherry (Prunus yedoensis).
Is there any Somei-yoshino cherry in Robertson area? If you have Yoshino cherry in your area, please show us.

Japanese people in Australia are looking for Yoshino cherry for OHANAMI (flower viewing).

We miss Yoshino cherry very much.

Thank you.
I have responded to Kai on that post, but I will put something up here too.

Kai is generally correct to observe that the favoured Cherries in Australia are mostly the double-flowered forms. Certainly this applies to the wonderful Cherries of Robertson. Ours are NOT the single flowered one called Somei-yoshino Cherry which Kai is seeking. There are some lovely single-flowered Cherries, in private gardens, but I do not know of any large displays of these single Cherries.

If anyone does know of such a display in Australia, would they please let me know, via the comments facility below. Then Kai and other Japanese lovers of Cherry Trees will be very happy.

Here is an image of the Somei-yoshino Cherry taken by
Sakurai Midori, in Osaka on 10 April 2005 (courtesy of Wikimedia).

Does anyone know if there is a good display of these single Cherries somewhere in eastern Australia?

There are many good Cherries in Canberra, and that includes a stand of Cherry Trees which were a gift to Australia from the Government of Japan. So presumably they are of the form which is so admired for Ohanami (Flower Viewing) in Japan. Those trees are near the Captain Cook Memorial Water Jet, beside Commonwealth Avenue (near the bridge), in the centre of Canberra.

The double-flowered Cherry Trees are a glorious picture in Robertson. Usually they flower at their peak over the long weekend in early October. My photos were taken on 1 October 2006.
I have promised Kai that I will publish photos of the Cherry Trees of Robertson, when they begin to flower - this coming Springtime. So keep a look out on my Blog, Kai.
Expect them to start to open in the last week of September.

I love enthusiasts - whether for Cherry Blossom, or for Orchids, Roses or Peonies.
All welcome.

1 comment:

Denis Wilson said...

I have received the following message from Hank of Welby, re a Single-flowered Cherry tree.

Hi Denis,
I think I found a single flowering Cherry for you. ( hope it is a cherry)

It is at 34 Hurlingham Ave in Burradoo. Battle axe block , on left side at end of the private drive.

Weeping tree , now in full bloom. Pink flowers.
Check it out if you like.