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Christmas Bells
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Sunday, September 16, 2007

Miriam Margolyes - guest speaker at Robbo Railway Station.

Miriam Margolyes was the guest speaker today for a special event to help celebrate the 75th Anniversary of "Rail in Robertson", held at the Robertson Heritage Railway Station (RHRS). I hate the term "veteran actor", but Miriam uses the phrase of herself. You can read about Miriam, her life and interests, as well as her professional roles, on her website.

In case you are wondering about Miriam's connection with Robertson, she fell in love with the place, when she came here, during the filming of "Babe", for which film she provided the voice of "Fly", the mother Sheepdog. Miriam has subsequently built a house on the edge of the escarpment, near Knight's Hill.

Before the event got under way, Andy Ford introduced Miriam to a particular fan of her work.
Steve Carey, President of the RHRS Committee, welcomed everybody to this event.Andrew Ford, a local resident, Composer, and presenter of the ABC Radio National Music Show, was the interviewer for the discussion with Miriam. Andy is a very experienced interviewer, and he shows here, why - as he frames his next question - with an acute sense of humour.
Miriam gave the crowd a taste of the work which she is currently touring in Australia - her show "Dickens' Women" which is opening tomorrow in Melbourne, and will be playing in Sydney from October 15 - 21.
Miriam, "in character".
Andy and Miriam had a very informative, and entertaining conversation, which was followed by some questions from a clearly appreciative audience.

Steve then presented Miriam with a commemorative "Golden Spike" award. A gilded spike, is a relic from the clean-up of the original railway site. The original spikes were used to fix railway tracks to the wooden sleepers. Miriam, who clearly has a delightful sense of humour, quipped something about: "When I heard about this award, I wasn't sure where I would put it". But her look says it all!
Here is the Golden Spike.
A good day was had by all. The catering was done by the Pirouette Cafe, and the Robertson Inn provided the drinks.

One of the surprising moments of the day was provided by the crowd, when they spontaneously clapped when a goods train thundered by, just outside the tent where we were listening to Andy and Miriam's conversation. Normally Robertson people just shut their ears to these huge diesel locomotives, which thunder through the village, pulling limestone, or coal, or wheat to Port Kembla. But, the applause was an echo of the greeting by the people of Robertson, when the first train arrived in Robertson, 75 years ago.

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