Christmas Bells

Christmas Bells
Christmas Bells - Blandfordia nobilis

Monday, September 24, 2007

Phillip's Spring Romp with PixieToes

Phillip, the wicked little Garden Gnome, has been flirting with "PixieToes", as Springtime has been developing. True to his name, he is a"Lover of Horses".
But last night, with the Spring Equinox upon us, Phillip went for a little romp with PixieToes, in the garden of the CTC in Robertson.Evil little Sprite that he is, he picked Spring Flowers to place in her hair, packed a small bottle of Spirits to take on the Picnic, and decked himself out with some "bling" in the form of metal springs, also bedecked with chains of flowers.
And as you can see, as the sun set slowly in the west, he was making intimate suggestions to the little filly.
I left them alone at this point, as I did not think it "nice" to watch any more.


Gaye from the Hunter said...

chuckle chuckle

Thanks for the early morning smiles, Denis.

Denis Wilson said...

Hi Gaye

Glad you enjoyed my little "Spirit of Spring" fantasy. It was intended to be a multiple play on words - as an entry in our "Spirit of Spring" photo competition which the CTC is holding.

But I enjoyed creating the scene, and the fantasy, anyway.


bj slim said...

hey denis! and i though the ctc was a drug free zone?! were you playing in the garden by yourself? i am glad to see there are still fairys there

so i have jsut started a book called orchid faver by eric hansen and could not help but wonder if you have read it and what you would think of it - see if they have it at the library - get jodie/howard onto it speaking of them - what is happening to movie time? are you glad you dont have to sit through the likes of death in venice?!
lots of love

Denis Wilson said...

Greetings BJ. Good to see you checking out the goings-on at the CTC. The "spirits" were sealed in the little bottle, I swear!
That little scenario was created for this year's CTC Photo Competition "Spirit of Spring". That's our theme for 07. A number of entries show copulating insects, so my contribution is mild by comparison.

Movies are not really happening at the moment, unfortunately. Something planned, but not sure what.

I have read Eric Hansen's book. It makes me feel good that I am not as obsessed as some of those Orchid Nutters.

Good to hear from you.