Christmas Bells

Christmas Bells
Christmas Bells - Blandfordia nobilis

Monday, April 14, 2008

Anni's book launch went off well, last week.

Today I received a nice folio of photos taken at the CTC@ Robertson last Thursday night, which was the local launch of "Talking to Kinky and Karlheinz" - Anni Heino's new book. The photos were sent to me by Sally McLaughlin. Thanks Sally.

The evening started with Andy Ford giving a talk about the Music Show, which is the background to the book, for Anni was the editor of transcripts from a thousand hours or more of Andy's interviews with guest on the ABC's Music Show. The background is explained more fully in my earlier blog about the book launch (see the link above). Anni also talked a little about her role as editor of the book, but she was a little shy, on the night. I think she also knew that a lot of people wanted to sing and play music, to welcome the new book.

The first shows a local "a capella" group. I would call them a "Barbershop Quartet", except for the fact of their number, and "Barbershop Sextet" is far too controversial a term for this family-friendly blog! I think they might be called the "Highland-Aires" or "Highland-Dares", but I could not confirm either name in a quick Google search. There are international groups which use the first name, and I don't wish to start a legal battle over names. Sally's dad, Graeme (hope the spelling is correct, mate) is one of the singers (second from right).After the boys in red jackets finished warming up the crowd, the wild boys hit the stage. Nick Rheinberger got them going with some old fashioned rock 'n roll. He invited Andy Ford to join the band in a rendition of Van Morrison's "Gloria". That was a natural choice, for Andy has co-authored a book on the songs of "Van the Man". It is called "Speaking in Tongues"
The CTC had hosted a book launch by Andy Ford and Martin Buzacott on 26 May 2005. Gosh, it hardly seems that long ago. Photos of that event are on the CTC website - News Archive for that date. Here you can see the band winding up for a big finale at the end of "Gloria". Nick is about to bring it a big conclusion, and Andy is getting into it pretty seriously, too.Here are two of the members of the CTC house band. Richard, who is one of the co-ordinators of the CTC Music Nights, and Brian, who is a regular performer. Brian was also the stand-in conductor for the "Highland-Dares" as seen in the first photo, above. (He changed out of the red jacket.)Thanks again to Sally, for sending me the photos, as I had come rushing back from Canberra for the book launch, and I did not have my own camera with me.

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