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Christmas Bells
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Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Southern Highlands Tourism Ambassador Program

Well, Steve Rosa or somebody over at Southern Highlands Tourism read yesterday's blog posting (thanks guys). I thought you might see it.

Today I got an email from Steve Rosa, Executive Manager, Tourism, with full details of the Southern Highlands Tourism Ambassador Program which Mr Matt Brown, NSW Minister for Tourism, launched yesterday.

You can check out this Program for yourself.

In essence it is a basic discounts package, with different business houses choosing their preferred form of discount package. These discounts are listed in the brochure. Frequent mention is made in the brochure of discounts for accommodation (especially) "when booked by a local". This is good sense, for it is along-established fact that the most important tourists for regional tourism destinations (like the Southern Highlands) are those who are "visiting friends and relatives".

Robertson residents (and other highlands residents) are familiar with this pattern, with people from Sydney or Canberra or other places dropping in for the weekend, and then going out to visit the attractions of the region.

It seems all Wingecarribee residents will (might) receive their "passports" from Southern Highlands Tourism in the next few weeks. The "might" qualification refers to the fact that Steve and the Southern Highlands Tourism Crew are relying on Australia Post to deliver these. As as rural resident, with no roadside mail delivery, and a PO Box in the village, I do not receive unaddressed mail (i.e., no "Junk Mail"). So I will not receive the Passport. But at least I do know about it, via email.

And now, dear reader, so do you.

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