Christmas Bells

Christmas Bells
Christmas Bells - Blandfordia nobilis

Sunday, April 13, 2008

A big day in Robbo. Crowds, trains, cars and mist.

Today, the Robertson Heritage Railway Station (RHRS) hosted a vintage car display (on the "Robertson Common"). There were crowds of people all over the place.The RHRS also hosted a visit by the Historic Rail Motor CPH 18, which ran 6 short trips, back and forth to Mt Murray Station (to the east of Robertson) and to Calwalla (to the west). In addition, the regular "Cockatoo Run" train visit to Robertson is now linked to a bus connection to Knights Hill, for persons wishing to make the trip from Sydney via train, and to include a visit to the Illawarra Fly.

The Robertson Markets were also on, at the School of Arts building. So there were people all over Robertson today. There were traffic jams, even! A rare event for our little village.After clear weather in the middle of the day, in the late afternoon the sky darkened out over the Macquarie Pass escarpment. I decided to go and shoot the threatening clouds.

As a matter of interest, this photo is taken at exactly the same place as the "morning light" photo on the mast-head of my blog. In this photo am looking just slightly further north from the mast-head photo, which naturally was taken looking east, to catch the rising sun.Out on the Mt Murray Road there is a little-known place where there is an amazing perspective on the cliffs over the top of the Macquarie Pass. You can literally see the clouds forming, as the moist afternoon air rose over the rocks, just in front of my camera. And the late afternoon skies were even more dramatic as the lights came on down in Albion Park, way below me. More mist-forming is evident in this image, too.My favourite shot of the very top of Macquarie Pass. The trees on these cliffs overlook the last stretch of the Pass (the Illawarra Highway passes directly below that point). A steep and somewhat dangerous place to visit, but it looked very striking with the threatening clouds.I love the way the changing light makes the whole world look different, minute by minute. Here I was in a different place, a different world even, from the hurly-burly of the afternoon. But I was just 5 kilometres away from Robertson.

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