Christmas Bells

Christmas Bells
Christmas Bells - Blandfordia nobilis

Monday, October 27, 2008

Leo's "Fall 2008" images - from Nova Scotia.

As it is "Fall" in Canada (and Spring here) I like to exchange images with my friend Leo. I asked him for some Autumn colour images, anticipating some picture postcard images of red (or yellow) Maples, etc. What I got were the following images of a humble herb, almost a weed in Leo's mind - Potentilla repens.

Potentillas are in the Rosaceae. They are related to, and have leaves like strawberries, but have dry fruit, not succulent berries. They are also closely related to other garden plants and alpines, such as Geum. They do not have thorns, or fleshy "heps" like Roses.

Anyway, in response to my request, Leo sent me a few images, of which I have chosen these. Leo said:

"I didn't get any postcard images this fall (or year, really) or I would have sent them to you." (DJW says: To make up for it, I have republished one of Leo's images from last year).

"Strange thing, I did not notice the frost dots (presumably related to hairs or some such on the leaf) at the time, only on the photos after downloading to the puter; I only saw the frost edging in "real life". Then again I never got close enough to a leaf to make it fill my vision the way it does on the monitor."

Clearly, from his comments about what he did not notice about the leaves, until he had blown them up on the 'puter, Leo does not get "down and dirty" as I often do, photographing Ground Orchids, while lying on my belly. I often find that I have photographed a tiny flower spider inside an Orchid, but was totally oblivious of it, until I blew up the image on screen. That's OK - that's normal. Leo gets "down and dirty" by occasionally crashing his Mountain Bike, when he tries crossing a makeshift log bridge over a creek, as happened recently, when riding through the forests in his beloved Nova Scotia. But he is recovering now.

Nice photos Leo. This is my personal favourite.


mick said...

Beautiful frost patterns - but how glad I am not to be going into a Canadian winter!

Denis Wilson said...

Hi Mick
I agree.
I like a good frost "silvering", but their frosts and snow (for months at a time) seem positively ridiculous to me.
Still, they probably think that you living in near tropical conditions is equally silly. Takes all types.