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Christmas Bells
Christmas Bells - Blandfordia nobilis

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Johnny Cash Tribute - Jon Kirk and "Buckshot"

Jon Kirk and the members of the group known as "Buckshot" played in Robertson last night, to an appreciative audience. This was the second-last event on the Springtime in Robertson calendar for 2008.
The numbers of attendees was somewhat disappointing, but a good time was had by those who turned up, at the Robertson School of Arts.
After an interval, the band took over as "Buckshot" and played more "rockabilly" music, which style seemed to suit them more than the Johnny Cash tribute music. It also suited the audience more, who immediately got up and started dancing.
Caroline, from Cafe Pirouette, even persuaded me to dance with her (briefly). I enjoyed that experience - but I confess that I really am not a dancer. I am simply unable to understand (or is it "read" or "feel") rhythm and beat. Put me in a group and ask me to clap in time, and I will start out clapping to the "back beat". So dancing, while attractive to me, has to be performed solo, or else I pose a danger to other dancers.
Fortunately, nearly everybody else in the audience enjoyed the dancing, and threw themselves into it, with enthusiasm.
At the end they even broke into a bit of Line Dancing. I would have to confess that dancing of any sort is pretty mysterious to me - but Line Dancing?
Anyway, people who I know to be nearly "normal" in their real lives certainly enjoyed themselves in the Line Dancing. So that is another of life's mysteries for me to add to my personal list.

Jon Kirk's cowboy boots - presumably owe their design to Johnny Cash's boots. Otherwise why would he wear them? The poor guy gives a lot to Art in wearing these boots, which totally ruin his posture and made him barely able to walk upright.

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