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Christmas Bells
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Tuesday, October 14, 2008

CTC hosts "Short Sited" films

Last Saturday evening the CTC hosted a screening of "Short Sited" films.
Festival Director Tom Subjak introduced the films and told us about the 2008 Festival. The theme for this year was Sci-Fi films. There were two screenings, but the room was full for the early screening at 6:30.
In all there were 17 short films - some of very short duration, others ran for about 7 minutes.

The popular favourite for the Festival (when originally screened in Wollongong) was "Cowboys and Indians" which was made locally - (it was filmed in Burrawang). It was written and directed by Phillip Hayes, and starred Anthony Lee and Murray Hall (with Steve Fearnley as a busker) but Steve also provided the music for the film, of course. The movie was filmed by Phillip Hayes, Richard Jones and Andrew Jones.
The movie may be viewed via U-Tube directly at this site.
This movie has been shown before, at the CTC, but it is a sentimental favourite - for its local content, but also for its timeless innocence.
What is more "naive and innocent" than a movie that involves young boys trying to shoot eachother, then at the end walking home together, at the end of it all?


Mosura said...

Hey I enjoyed that. I spent many a summer playing cowboys and indians - not recently :-) Politically incorrect now of course and probably for good reason but as kids it was just an adventure. Mind you it did get out of hand at times like when some rival kids formed a lynch mob and hung one of our kids from a tree with the rope around his waist and we didn't find the poor kid until about an hour later. We all learned a lesson or two that day.

Denis Wilson said...

Hi Mosura.
I did refer to it as a "naive and innocent" film. Glad you enjoyed it.
I did too.