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Christmas Bells
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Monday, January 05, 2009

An Arch Potato?

Is the Robbo Spud getting an attitude? Is it becoming Arch?
I hope not.
In fact Alan and Judy Hollis, who have previously done so much to "make over" the Spud have persuaded Neil from the Robbo Woodworks to donate an Archway.

Alan and Judy turned up this morning, complete with archway, and stirrups and concrete, and spirit levels and nails and bits of string, and a tape measure. Of course, this was all on a heavy duty trailer.

Within a period of two hours it was all done - today 5 January 2009.
I am thrilled because it means that all the old postcards and all the blog images of the Big Spud out there are now out of date. From today onwards (5 January 2009) any photo of the Big Spud without the archway is out of date, passe, old hat...

You've got to get with the times, kiddies!


mick said...

Nice archway! And it sounds like a very good community spirit too!

Colin said...

The best thing to do with the Robo icon is to split it in half, grow some large ferns in the crack, layer it with some sail cloth so it looks like one of those great roast spuds from the delightful Cafe Pirouette. In time the ferns will obscure it completely!! I suppose that's why the arch is now in place - but just a tad small.

Denis Wilson said...

Thanks Colin

I will refer your suggestions to the Chamber of Commerce!

At least it is more positive than some other views around the place!

At least the Cafe Pirouette people will be happy with your comments.


Anni said...

I'm not at all sure I like the archway. The big potato used to be like Uluru in miniature... but now all the photos will feature this man-made structure, whereas surely the Big Potato itself is a gift from outer space. In fact, I think all the old photos have now increased in value significantly!

Denis Wilson said...

Hi Anni
I have not heard the Spud referred to as a "gift from outer space" before.
Your old images now have "collector value".
Personally, I like the fact that it appears as if it is being cared for, now. Someone told me today, as a matter of fact that the number of tourists posing for photos outside it has increased significantly.