Christmas Bells

Christmas Bells
Christmas Bells - Blandfordia nobilis

Friday, January 02, 2009

George's Peacock was feeling "romantic" today

Despite my "title" header, George does not have a Peacock - rather, one of the Peacocks which lives up the road, at the former "Ranelagh House" wanders up and down the top end of Fountaindale Road, and treats all the houses and gardens there as his own.

As an appreciator of English porcelain designs (particularly ones with peonies on them) I cannot resist this bird's pose - for it is a 'classic Bird on a Rock" pose.
Today, George's Peacock was feeling positively "romantic" and spend most of his time in display mode. I was impressed, but not that impressed, if you know what I mean. We joked that somebody must have fed him some Viagra tablets.All jokes aside, this bird was displaying in such spectacular manner that it deserves being shown on the Internet. He was slowly rotating, whilst still in full display.
The next image shows the full display - front on and "full on" if you know what I mean. Every now and then, he would shiver all over, and shake his tail feathers (while still in display). Click on the image to see the image of the bird's display feathers in full glorious detail.
Here he is "up close and personal".
Here is the bird's head and colourful neck in close-up view.

Such an "impossibly beautiful" bird - I just had to share it with you all.



Northern Shade said...

Those are gorgeous photos of the peacock display. The garden pots in the background of the first shot look like they were carefully colour matched for the eventual arrival of the peacock and its feather train. I enjoyed both the bird and the garden.

Denis Wilson said...

Hi Northern Shade.

Thanks for dropping by my blog. We can do with all the Canadian bloggers we can get.

George recently acquired those pots, and they look good - even without any plants in them as yet.


Miss Eagle said...

Wonderful, Denis. Beautiful! Once had some peacocks - well the neighbourhood peacocks. They were beautiful - particularly the white one which looked like an escapee from Swan Lake or The Nutcracker - but the noise, the nesting in the trees, the mess. I'll just admire the photos, thanks!

Blessings and bliss