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Christmas Bells
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Friday, October 08, 2010

Pink Japanese Tree Peony "Fushakin"

Oops - if you click firmly on the title bar as you write it, you "publish" the blog with just a title and no content.
Then you have to go through the "Edit Post" process, and hope that none of your regular readers is watching at the time.


Yesterday the first of my "Japanese Tree Peonies" opened up. One tends to forget quite how beautiful each is.

Pink Japanese Tree Peony
as seen from about 3 metres away.
This is apparently "Echigo-jishi",
(EDIT: it should be "Fushakin")
but I cannot claim the name to be true.
Here it is a little closer.
Regardless of the accuracy of its name (or not)
it is a lovely flower.
This is a full frame picture.
This is taken with my "regular" lens - the ultra-reliable 18 - 20 mm lens.
This flower is too large for the Macro Lens.
This flower is larger than my hand.
Quite different to the little Orchids, eh?

I have a few more Japanese Tree Peonies coming on, which is very pleasing.


mick said...

:-) I was watching and wondering what was going on! Beautiful flowers and it was worth coming back to see them when you had finished the post!!

catmint said...

Hi Denis, I laughed at your 1st paragraph. Yes, it regularly happens that I post prematurely and wonder what it's like for anyone who was watching at the time! Tree peony beautiful and so well organized and committed of you to manage to get the changing images. Thank you again for all the help and support you've given me over the past few months or so. cheers, catmint

Denis Wilson said...

Oh well, it seems I didn't escape without notice. But as Catmint has affirmed, I am not alone in making that mistake.
Enjoy the lovely pink Tree Peony everyone.

Anni said...

They are wonderful plants - glad to see they are still doing well.

Denis Wilson said...

Hi Anni

My Tree Peonies had a hard time in the two extended periods when I was away receiving Chemo treatment. The weeds got badly out of control.
But they (the TPs) are doing all right at present.

I will ring you when the next couple start to show colour, as they are lovely when the flowers are really fresh.
You would be welcome to have a look at them in person.

PS, I could not remember the name of this one, until I realised that the "Peony Diary" that you published for me was still on the Web. So I was able to check and sure enough, this plant was there, way back in 2005.
Seems like a lifetime ago. But thanks again for doing that for me.