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Christmas Bells
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Sunday, October 17, 2010

A Miracle for Thirlmere Lakes?

I went to Warragamba Dam today, for the 50th anniversary celebrations.

While I was there, I was interested to see that someone who apparently remembered swimming at Thirlmere Lakes, had created an impromptu shrine to Saint Mary of the Cross. Very timely, on the day of her canonisation.

It was stuck on the fence surrounding the main building at Warragamba Dam. Presumably some children had added the native Bottlebrush flowers.


Mr. Smiley said...

I don't understand. Are they to drain the dam?

Denis Wilson said...

Hi Mr Smiley
There is talk of coal seam gas exploration near Warragamba Dam itself - madness.
The Catchment Authority Board has already resolved to oppose it, but they do not have the final say - that's up to the Minister for Planning.
Its all about royalties (money for a cash-strapped Government).
But Thirlmere Lakes are drying up fast. Separate issue, but related. See link to previous posting.
The Thirlmere Lakes are drying, but everyone says "Its the drought" but the Catchment area has been out of drought since 2008, and there has been above average rain in recent months.
They are ignoring the huge quantities a local coal mine is pumping out every day, and 24x7x12. In other-words it is constant pumping of groundwater.
That groundwater might just include the water which naturally feeds the Thirlmere Lakes.
Hard to prove, but it makes sense to me more than blaming "The Drought".
Statistics do not support that theory.

Denis Wilson said...

Hi Mr Smiley (again) I'm lousy on maths.
Pumping is continuous - therefore 4 megalitres X 24x7x52 is what I should have written. 584 Olympic Swimming Pools per year.
That's a lot of water.