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Christmas Bells
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Thursday, October 21, 2010

Japanese Tree Peonies

A couple of very different Japanese Tree Peonies (different from eachother, I mean).

One is a fully double pink Tree Peony. Unlike my previous posting on a Japanese Tree Peony which I now realise was wrongly named, this one ought to be the true "Echigo-jishi"

The second one has not flowered for me in several years, so I really welcome this flower. I believe it is Kinkaden a stunning dark red flower - which is a very unusual colour in pure Japanese Tree Peonies. Some of the later Hybrid Tree Peonies (which brought in dark colours from a small species Tree Peony now known as Paeonia delavayi) have achieved similar dark colours. But those plants have very different leaves and tend to flower as much as a month later than this plant.

Do I have to say anything more?

Here are the flowers:
Echigo-jishi (in situ)
I like to cut these flowers once they open properly,
to enjoy the flowers, and to protect them from strong wind.
Here is is on a kitchen window-sill.
This shot was taken with a flash, in the late afternoon.
The flower is so large (23 cm across)
I had to put it on the floor to photograph it with my favourite Micro Lens
And here is Tree Peony "Kinkaden"
A stunning dark red flower.
This flower has a mass of ripe pollen.
Late in the afternoon, I took these two Peony flowers to my friend George
who has a love of all things Oriental, including Tree Peonies.
He has used the flowers to decorate his house,
carefully placed beside a Japanese figurine,
and an ornamental vase with Tree Peony flowers on it.
He published this image on Facebook.
Very tasteful, George.
Glad you liked my flowers.


Snail said...

That dark red one is an exquisite, velvety flower. Beautiful!

Denis Wilson said...

Thanks, Snail.
It is a very individual choice - choosing between Tree Peonies.
I also love the red, but the Pink is a show stopper, in the flesh.

Miss Eagle said...

Could I please have the port wine one? Taken a liking to that colour this spring.


mick said...

The pink one looks like 'shot-silk' - and I like the way the pollen has dusted over the dark one. Do the birds like them? Or maybe you pick them too quickly to let the birds get anywhere near them.

Denis Wilson said...

Hi Mick and Miss Eagle
The soft pink one does indeed look like shot silk. It really is an exquisite colour.
Fortunately the birds do not like them. Bees go crazy for all that pollen. But both flowers had only just opened.
Miss Eagle - I see you were up even later than I was (too much going on in Water issues, eh?).
Unfortunately, the dark red one is very rare. There are some others which have similar colour, though. I know you are really talking about colour preferences, and I have some sympathy for your vote. It is a most unusual colour. As for the Port Wine connection, I understand that too.