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Christmas Bells
Christmas Bells - Blandfordia nobilis

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

A Flying Duck Orchid Portrait

In response to Martin's comment yesterday on the fact it was the "first time he had seen the Flying Duck remblance", I commented that I had had problems with the dark flowers against a dark background. I went on to say perhaps I ought take a board or other light background with me.

I had an hour and a half to spare, today, so I went back out to Meryla Pass.

Well here is the new image:
(Click to enlarge)
Now that's a real "Flying Duck" Orchid, surely?


Prem Subrahmanyam said...

That is just lovely!!! Here in the United States, we have an orchid that uses a similar hinged lip method to trick pollinators into 'doing the deed', Calopogon tuberosus:

Calopogon tuberosus info page


Denis Wilson said...

Thanks Wilma.
Virtual natural history is my aim.
Seems to work for you.
Its nice when a photograph works, though.

Denis Wilson said...

Hi Prem
Nice to have you stop by.
Interesting that some of your Orchids have flexible parts, to snap shut.

ValeriaVine said...

Wow! It really does look like a flying duck! very nice Denis . . .

catmint said...

Hi Denis, Now this return to Meryla Pass shows true photographic / orchidic dedication. Not only are you helping me with my knowledge of flora and fauna, you are also giving me directions for where to go when I next manage to attend to my wilderness need. This area looks absolutely wonderful. cheers, catmint

Denis Wilson said...

Hi Valeriavine and Catmint.
Thanks to both of you.
ValeriaVine - you might find a photo resembling this - appearing in a Gallery near you, shortly.
Catmint, Orchid people (decent Orchid people anyway), are usually happy to share their knowledge. If you ever travel this way, contact me in advance.