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Thursday, November 11, 2010

I have been too busy - Sorry

I was away, in the Hunter Valley last weekend, and yesterday, with the opponents of Coal Seam Gas extraction, in Sydney outside the Eastern Star Gas company AGM.

Some interlopers from the Southern Highlands made it into this photo.
First time I've ever been in the Fin Review! (Page 12, in the 11 November 2010 edition).And Caroline Graham's hand-made "No Fraccing" poster also featured loud and clear.

I am personally dismayed to find that the Chairman of Eastern Star Gas is John Anderson, former Deputy PM, and former Representative of the very area likely to be wrecked by the gas drilling, the removal of water, the contamination of the remaining Groundwater, and physical disturbance with a very long "high-pressure" gas pipeline.

Australian Financial Review
Page: 12

By: Angela Macdonald-Smith

Protesters target Eastern Star Gas

Angela Macdonald-Smith

The board of Eastern Star Gas faced outraged farmers and disgruntled shareholders at the coal-seam gas producer's annual shareholder meeting in Sydney yesterday over concerns about water management and employee incentive shares.

About 80 landholders and supporters from NSW's Liverpool Plains region waved placards and shouted slogans including "Deliver us from evil gas", outside the meeting while the Greens called for a moratorium on coal-seam gas (CSG) exploration pending a study on its impact.

Inside the meeting, shareholder discontent centred on a hefty remuneration increase for managing director David Casey despite a flat share price performance over the past year.

The stepping-up of anti-CSG campaigns comes as Queensland's $50 billion industry has been rocked by a second toxin scare in less than a month, marring progress at liquefied natural gas ventures in Gladstone, including BG Group's SUSI 5 billion-plus project.

Protest groups in NSW would increase pressure on the state government in the run-up to the March 26 election to take action on CSG, said campaigner John Thomson, executive officer at the Hunter Valley Protection Alliance, which organised a similar protest at AGL Energy's annual meeting in Sydney last month.


Mac_fromAustralia said...

I saw the story on the 7.30 report the other day, actually more heard than saw as I was in the middle of doing something. Hope I get the opportunity to see that documentary.

Denis Wilson said...

Thanks Mac
This is going to be a life-changing episode for Australia - people, places, environment, and everything.
They are going to turn us into Texas.
The Government officials can only see revenue and (supposed0 jobs.
They have zero appreciation of the natural state of the environment - to these people it is only "undeveloped opportunity" - it has zero value in itself, in their closed world view.
Sad but true.
If I hear of a screening of Gaslands in Canberra I will let you know.
Some local people here are proposing to show it in Bowral. I'll let you know if that comes about.

Mac_fromAustralia said...

You probably saw the Four Corners story recently. I also just came across this article.

I don't know how their geology, technology and regulations compare to ours, but it makes worrying reading.

Denis Wilson said...

Hi Mac.
Thanks for that link to the US story.
I have re-posted it to the "Lock the Gate" Facebook page - our most active Gas campaigners.
I was in the back of the room at Broke (Hunter Valley) for the big meeting, featured in the 4 Corners story.
Re the USA story, their geology for the main gas sources is based on the Marcellus Shale. Ours is sandstone over coal, but many of the issues are the same.
Industry says "each case is different". But the reality is the problems are the same.
watch this video on You Tube