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Christmas Bells
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Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Wood Duck Ducklings

This family of Australian Wood Ducks (Chenonetta jubata) is somewhat late, but they have timed their fledging well, as there is water everywhere at present.

As Zoe was driving me through Bowral last weekend I spotted these Wood Ducks close to the road. So we did a "U-ie" (a "U turn") and quietly drove back until we got them in frame.

The road they were beside is Kangaloon Road, a very busy road on the edge of East Bowral. I was genuinely concerned as to their safety. But Zoe told me she saw the family there, late this afternoon. So far, so good.

As usual, the male is standing guard,
on the danger-side of the family group.
Here he is starting to round up the family.
They went round the back of a shrub
to get some shelter from view.
Then I was able to count the number of ducklings.
There are nine ducklings in all.
Dad has the dark head, and Mum is paler.
Mum (now on the left) had decided at this stage
that we had got close enough.
So she is now leading the entire family around the corner,
and out of sight.
Living beside a busy road is dangerous, but the parents are obviously road-aware. Keep safe little guys.


mick said...

We had several families around here some time ago. They are all grown up now but one lot is still staying in a family group.

Denis Wilson said...

Hi Mick
Yes, these guys are late, in my opinion. But it doesn't seem to matter to them. Lots of water around.
They are so cute. I just love watching them.

Le Loup said...

Excellent images, well done.

Denis Wilson said...

Hi Le Loup
I half expected you to comment how they would be good "tucker".
Thanks for the comment.

Anonymous said...

Oh Denis I'm a softie for ducklings and goslings too ....lovely post. The parents look to be doing a good job!

Denis Wilson said...

Thanks Barbara
Yes, I think the phrase "Too cute" is appropriate for these little guys.
At least their northern relatives (I am working on the assumption that the Pygmy Geese" are related, but these days one cannot be sure) probably live more in swamps than beside roadways, which is the real problem here.
Thanks for the comment.
Gosling is a nice old-fashioned word, with a great sound to it.
I grew up calling these Wood Ducks, then had to change to "Maned Goose", and then back to Wood Duck. So I had forgotten the phrase "gosling" along the way. Thanks for reminding us all of that word.