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Christmas Bells
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Friday, November 25, 2011

Brown Antechinus now on Matt's video

My neighbour Matt has kindly sent me a Utube video from the encounter with the Brown Antechinus about which I blogged last week.

It is apparent from this video that I ought have credited at least the photo of the side on view of the teeth to Matt's wife, Kat. Now edited that change into the original Post.

The droll commentary is mostly my own work (you can hear Matt and Kat's voices as well).
On occasions the comments were inspired by the biting by the Antechinus. It did not hurt, just surprised me by its speed and enthusiasm for chewing on my finger. As I said in the Blog originally, they "have attitude".

Warning: Mild coarse language on the Video.


Flabmeister said...

An excellent video. Well done Matt and Denis!


Denis Wilson said...

Thanks Martin.
Yes, the Video works well, doesn't it?
You can certainly get a feel for how agile they are.
And how "nippy".
Imagine what they would do to a Mole Cricket, or anything else small.