Christmas Bells

Christmas Bells
Christmas Bells - Blandfordia nobilis

Friday, November 18, 2011

Jasper's solo musical debut

Tonight Jasper gave her first solo musical performance, singing and accompanying herself on Guitar and Ukulele.
The venue was the Three Creeks Cafe, here in Robertson.

I am biased, as I have known Jasper for nearly 10 years, and I think she is a lovely person, with a sweet voice. My readers will have to trust my judgement. In truth, if you were not there, you have to "make up your own mind". I thought the whole "event" was simply delightful. I am pleased to have witnessed her "musical debut".
Jasper - in soft focus

Jasper studying her song sheet
Jasper singing out confidently.

Jasper singing to the audience.
At the end of her "set" Penny (the owner of the Cafe)
congratulated Jasper on her performance,
Jasper is blushing - matching the Peonies.
and I gave her a small bouquet of freshly picked Peonies.
Jasper seemed quite taken with her bouquet of Peonies
The Peonies are called "Bowl of Beauty" and they have never looked better
than in Jasper's hands tonight,
as she was now fully relaxed after her performance.

Jasper playing absent-mindedly with some of my Peonies. Lovely.


cloud farmer said...

Thanks for the lovely posting Denis.

I am one proud mother.

Denis Wilson said...

Thanks for the feedback, Celeste.
Glad you liked my report and pics.