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Christmas Bells
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Thursday, December 22, 2011

Robertson Burrawang Cricket Club - new Practice Nets completed.

I have received this message from the President of the Robertson Burrawang Cricket Club, Aaron De Jager.
Practice Nets in use.
  • Hi All,
  • Robertson Burrawang Cricket Club are very proud to have opened their new Practice Nets in Hampden Park, Robertson in the last couple of weeks.
  • After receiving a grant from the NSW Government Community Building Partnership in early 2011, work commenced in May 2011. The contracted works and materials were carried out or supplied by Dynamic Sports Facilities, with completion of the project in early December 2011.
  • With many hours of voluntary labour by members of our Cricket Club to add the finishing touches, we now have a brilliant training facility for our players which will be the envy of other cricket clubs in the Southern Highlands. This new facility replaces the old single training net the club had been using for over 30 years.

Note the double track of Practice Nets and pitches.

  • The Club would like to thank Peter Byrne and Wingecarribee Shire Council for their help and support, the NSW Government, the Hampden Park Commitee, Daryl Merchant and Dynamic Sports Facilities for the works, Lucas General Contractors for new metal stumps and the many members of the Robertson Burrawang Cricket Club for their time, labour and patience (grass doesn't grow very fast in Robertson in Winter & Spring!).
  • Thanks again,

  •  Aaron De Jager

Denis writes:

I stress that my personal involvement was minimal, merely as a member of the Hampden Park Management Committee for a few years. I stepped down from that position during the last year.

But it is really gratifying to see a local group of volunteers take on a task, and follow it right through, and then finish it off with a flourish, by thanking every body involved.

I have written back to Aaron in the following terms:
 Hi Aaron
  • It makes my Old Bureaucratic Heart glow to see someone in Robertson doing the job properly, by thanking all the parties involved in that project.

    Congratulations to you and the Cricket Club and all your volunteers and contacts.

    Nice to see someone not only pick up the offer of assistance, but then manage the project properly, then acquit the funds, and finish it off nicely by writing a comprehensive thank you note to everybody involved.

    My personal involvement was minimal, (through the HP Committee and I stepped down from that early in the year).

    But I am really glad to see that as well as the physical completion of the task, you have finished the project off nicely, by thanking everybody.

    Well done.

  • Denis Wilson

    Robertson Burrawang Cricket Club's new Practice Nets
Let us hope that indeed the new practice nets will prove to be: "the envy of other cricket clubs in the Southern Highlands".


Flabmeister said...

I hope all continues to go well with your recuperation.

Have you given thought to opening your shoulders in the nets once fully recovered? Perhaps it would have to be more in the style of Boycott G than your famous local resident Bradman D.


Denis Wilson said...

Thanks Martin
I felt a "Colin Cowdrey return" might be possible, but having checked the sources, his miraculous restoration to the playing field was at age 41,
For me, at age 63, post-Titanium, would be a bit of a stretch, in every sense.

Anonymous said...

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