Christmas Bells

Christmas Bells
Christmas Bells - Blandfordia nobilis

Thursday, December 29, 2011

Summer Orchids starting up - in Kangaloon.

The Orchid enthusiasts of the South Coast have been reporting Hyacinth Orchids and various Tongue Orchids to be on flower from several weeks now.
They are slower to start up here in the Southern Highlands.

a dark form of Hyacinth Orchid, possibly Dipodium punctatum

A paler Hyacinth Orchid - probably Dipodium roseum
Small Tongue Orchid - Cryptostylis leptochila

Close-up of column of Cryptostylis leptochila

Kirsten going for close-up shots

Lena asking "are you guys finished yet?"

Dragonfly - black and gold. Photo not good enough for ID purposes
 With my hip still in recovery stage, 
I am not going to get "down and dirty" just yet,
to photograph these tiny flowers up close.
The link below takes you to a post from last January,
when I was able to get close-up readily enough.
Tiny cherry-red Midge Orchid Corunastylis densa
Interestingly, the Corunastylis tribe (Midge Orchids) are generally late summer and autumn flowerers.
But I have this theory that that the "late flowering" Orchids need to flower earlier up here in the Highlands, in order to get their seeds ripe before the cold and/or wet season takes control.
On the Shoalhaven coast, these plants (as a group) generally flower much later than here - some as late as mid April.


Snail said...

Your idea about the timing of the later flowerers make sense to me. I wonder if someone has looked at temperature and onset of flowering in that group?

Denis Wilson said...

I have discussed this with some other Orchid people, who seem to think it makes sense.
But its only a theory.
I am mainly just trying to keep accurate flower time records for my own area.
Some of these Orchids are wide-spread, and so the flowering time range is very wide.
Thanks for the flow of comments.
Have a good New Year.