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Christmas Bells
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Sunday, July 08, 2012

Mr Potato Head is back in Robbo

Last time this character (***) visited Robertson, it was a very short visit.
So when I heard this morning that he was back, I went straight away to record the happy event.
Mr Potato Head (AKA Spud Face) has returned to Robertson.

Mr Potato Head (AKA Spud Face) has returned to Robertson.

Mr Potato Head (AKA Spud Face) seen through the Archway at Robertson.

Mr Potato Head (AKA Spud Face) in his Spiritual Home in Robertson.
You may read about his original visit to his "Spiritual Home" of Robertson, and how brief that visit turned out to be.

*** For legal reasons I am obliged to stress that this is not and cannot be mistakenly thought to be the original Mr Potato Head, but rather is a set of disembodied eyes, nose and mouth which might or might not have been spawned by a visit of the original model to a Potato farm near Robertson. 

In our rich red basalt soil, he has grown magnificently to a super-sized model.

But for even more pressing legal reasons, I suggest that there is no inspiration from Ronald McDonald for that comment). There are no Golden Arches within 30 kilometres of Robertson, and long may it remain that way.


Flabmeister said...

I trust the good burghers - and I have checked the CoD to make sure the spelling is correct for citizen, rather than a hoss-meat sandwich - of Robbo will ensure he isn't vandalised this time! Although looking at the lower lip I wonder if it isn't Ms Potato Head?

Denis Wilson said...

Hi Martin
There are no "hoss-meat" outlets nearby, so you are safe with that.
Please do not cast doubt on the sexuality of our "totem". Its the effect of the rich red basalt soil - all that high-level of iron in the blood, showing up in his lips.

Sam Wheatley said...

Great photos Denis. I know my children were most excited upon Spud Face's return!

Denis Wilson said...

Thanks Sam.
Lets hope it stays, this time, or else is safely tucked away - for future surprise visits.
Either way, lets hope it is not vandalised, like last time.
Glad the kids enjoyed it.

Mr. Smiley said...

Great News!

Denis Wilson said...

Thanks David
In fact, it was a brief visit, as he has disappeared.
Presumably safely stored, to re-emerge perhaps in Spring.

Dicky Simpson said...

Hi Denis,
I only just noticed that you made a post regarding the faces return, it is good to see it is still making people smile, after all that was our intention.

Hi Martin,
As to the big red luscious lips, when you are building/restoring things on a budget you take whatever color paints you have donated to you! :oP