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Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Sad news re Lena

Sad news

I have just returned from the vet, with Lena's body.
She has been unwell for a little while (she didn't get out of the car much on Saturday.)
This morning I let her out for a wee, and she didn't come back.
She was totally deaf and unresponsive to my calls, and I could not find her.

I mentioned her absence to a neighbour, and he heard her whimpering, down in the bottom paddock. She had got snagged on some bushes. Probably blackberries snagged on her soft woolly hair. Anyway, she was distressed and wet and cold.

I took her over to a friend, Helen, who loves Lena and who has other schnauzers, but she was so unwell that I left her in the car. Helen came out to look at her, and Lena did not respond to her touch or voice. 
No excitement, little recognition.

I took Lena to the vet, and he said she had a temperature, but her blood tests were not bad (kidney, liver, etc not bad).

But she was "guarding" her tummy (muscles tight), and tail held tightly "closed". Her mouth was bad - I knew that, from her fishy breath.

Anyway, without any specific diagnosis, but with various expensive optional treatments, and frankly little prospect of a happy life ahead of her, we decided to opt for a quick and painless end. There was no question that Lena had had a long and happy and "loyal" life. She was a Good Dog.

I held her while the vet administered the "green dream" and she was pronounced dead within 20 seconds.

I have brought her back and will bury her tomorrow morning, proudly wearing her "Lena" beaded collar made especially for her by Michelle Stephenson.

Gotta go and cry.

Lena in the Snow - about 2004, not sure exactly.
Lena with Tas, dressed up with ribbons for the Pet Show
at the Robbo Show,
She never won any awards, of course, but she didn't know that!

Lena looking pensive

Lena in the leather bed which Rebecca, made for her

Lena up at Cloud Farm, on their brick pavers.

A rare shot of Lena playing with a tennis ball.

Lena at her best.

A freshly shaved Lena enjoying the summer sun

Lena with Zoe at the CTC
after I had been away in Canberra for Chemo treatment.
Lucy in the background

Same night as above.
Lena has just given me a great big
"Welcome Back" kiss.

Neat and tidy, with her bell around her collar.

Vale my dear and lovely friend and companion.



Greg Chapman said...

R.I.P. Lena. We will miss ya good dog @->--

Anonymous said...

Am going to miss her soo much!!!

No more chasing her around, while tail in air, she would trot off to explore, ignoring our pleas to return. Miss her keeping my lap warm while she insisted on having the front seat on our many adventures. Escaping my flat to annoy my neighbours

A big long hug to you as you mourn a very close and dear friend who was always there and was always happy to see you.

All of your friends and I will miss her!!

Lots of love,

mick said...

I'm so sorry about your little friend Lena. It's never easy to make the decision you have done but far better than watching them suffering. Your photos show lots of good memories - thanks for sharing with us all.

Denis Wilson said...

Thanks Greg and Kirsten and Mick.
Your comments are much appreciated.
She was a great little dog.
Not demanding.
Sometimes very stubborn in not responding when Kirsten and I wanted to get her back in the car, (as Kirsten says).
Strange thing is, I never did learn whether it was her deafness, or "selective hearing" on her part.
Anyway, she was well, happy, fed twice a day and allowed out to go to the toilet, as required, and always, but always a loyal friend to me.
I will miss you little friend.

Anni said...

Lovely Lena - I'm so sorry for you Denis. She was such a beautiful little soul.

Brigid O'Carroll Walsh said...

Crying with you.

Lyndon Stanley said...

So sorry to hear your sad news.
I am sure that Lina loved you as much in return.

Zoe said...

Re. the robbo show prize winning ribbons in photo #2 (which i think are on back of your b/room door btw), Lena did actually win them in competion that day at the show .. She (and you) won 1st place in the prestigious Robertson Show 'Owner & Pet Lookalike Competion'!!! And Dad, honestly, never have I felt prouder of you or your Owner (Lena) than I did that sunny Saturday afternoon in March - I remember I arrived at the showground just in time to see the two of you winding up your final victory lap of the competion ground.. You tried to act modest about it all, but you had the biggest smile on your face for the rest of the day., Plus after a long afternoon filled with many social/media commitments, I recall that our little prize winning lady (still appropriatly adorned) escorted us up to the pub for dinner and drinks(al freso of course), and was somehow still draped in those red and white ribbons (more brown and green by this stage)many hours later when she retired to her LenaBed :)
The next day I salvaged the remains of the ribbons, washed them, and tied them around the doorknob so they wouldnt ever get lost.
Seeing those always instantly puts a smile on my face because they trigger these funny, lovely, and favourite memories of you and Lena that I have had since that day:)
But what I will always love remembering most - the way in which Lena made you smile so brightly, not just on that one sunny Show day, but each and every single day.
I love and thank her for that especially.

Our lovely Lena
She was delightful
She was my sister
And your soulmate

Unsere Lena, Möge sie in Frieden ruhen

Wilma said...

My deepest sympathy for the loss of your dear Lena.

ValeriaVine said...

I'm sorry to hear this news Denis. Big hugs....x

Anonymous said...

Then once my condolences, Denis. Even though I'm a city person not a fan of dogs (all thick pile), so I can understand that. Such a decision is not easy. It's like you lose a child.

Just a pity that we humans can not decide on our end (if it goes badly for us), not least in Germany. In Switzerland, it is possible.

Russell Constable said...

Sorry to read your sad news Denis. The size of our sadness at losing a k9 companion is in proportion to the joy they brought to our lives. Looking at your pics I can see the joy you shared. Thinking of you mate and again I am sorry to hear this news,

Denis Wilson said...

Thanks Russell and Peter (from Germany).
I appreciate your comments and Peter I deliberately had it in mind as I wrote my farewell comments, that "we should all be able to go so well."
So I endorse your comments.
Switzerland is closer to you than it is to me.
We have our own campaigners here, working towards that objective.

Denis Wilson said...

Thanks Pi Wei.
Hugs received from you in person, today.

Lorne Johnson said...

Sorry to hear about your loss, Denis.

Dogs are always so much of us.

Take care,


Denis Wilson said...

Thanks Lorne
Yes, dogs can become so much part of our lives.

Denis Wilson said...

Thanks Zoe for the "Our Lena: May she rest in Peace" comment.
Also for the recollections you have offered.
Sorry your comment was lost in the Blogger system for so long.