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Christmas Bells
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Wednesday, August 08, 2012

Pterostylis hildae - the Rainforest Greenhood

This Greenhood (Pterostylis hildae) is unusual in that it likes to live in clearings in heavy wet Eucalypt forest and rainforest, halfway down Macquarie Pass. It is at the southern end of its range here. I have not found this species growing on top of the Robertson "plateau", but it is always possible that it might occur here, or a little further up than where I found it. For example, I would expect that it might be found around Vandenbergh Road, or on Knights Hill, or out at the top of the Jamberoo Pass (near the Barren Grounds, but not in the heathland there).

Pterostylis hildae

side view of Pterostylis hildae

Rear view of Pterostylis hildae

Note the slightly pointed "galea" (hood)
of Pterostylis hildae

Also the bronze colouration on the tip
of Pterostylis hildae
This colony of Pterostylis hildae has not flowered well, this season. It has been quite dry for the last two months. That would appear to have limited their flowering, this season, compared to last year, when there were literally hundreds in flower in this particular locality.

This species is closely related to Pterostylis curta, but that species has a larger, heavier flower, and a distinctive twisted labellum.


Brigid O'Carroll Walsh said...

Thought it was awhile since you had published anything about greenhoods :-))

Denis Wilson said...

Yes, It has been a quiet season so far for Orchids here.
I did get out and about near Nowra last weekend, and I have a few photos from that yet to come.