Christmas Bells

Christmas Bells
Christmas Bells - Blandfordia nobilis

Friday, August 31, 2012

Much ado about not much snow

This afternoon, the weather got cold at about 4:00PM. and then it started to close in, from the south.
We are at 760 metres above sea level, so cold "upper atmosphere" weather patterns can produce localised snowfalls.

It did that today.
Snow was reported (on Facebook), from Goulburn, Katoomba, and Robertson, of course. ABC radio reported Alpine conditions at Lake George. Martin said he would not class it as real snow. (Fair enough). But he did see flakes falling, at Canberra.

It suddenly got dark to the south of me.
An ominous roll of clouds
One of my Wattles, with dark sky as contrast.

A wall of weather coming up the valley.

Tiny hail Stones on the back deck

Hail stones blanketed the bare ground
between my Camellias.

And then it went "quiet".
I know that snow is often silent when it starts to fall.

Lucky shot on "close-up focus"
with flash on, to illuminate snow flakes

OK you can't go skiing on this, but its a genuine snow fall.


Time said...

I thought it was getting cold at Engadine!

mick said...

Great photos of the weather coming towards you and the snow looks beautiful - but I wouldn't want it up here and "my" shorebirds wouldn't like it at all!

Le Loup said...

Well that is more than we got!

Denis Wilson said...

Thanks Time (and welcome to my Blog); and Mick and Keith.
It was fun, but in a sense I am glad it has not lasted (nearly all melted by 10;45 AM Saturday.
I got some interesting localised shots this morning which I will also publish.
Mick, your shorebirds would think they were back in Siberia.
Keith, it seems not to have been a powerful enough Southerly System to have blown all the way up the Divide. I know it can snow up your way, and even to Stanthorpe, but that requires a bit more Oomph than this system had.
Last time it snowed here, it lasted in the shade for 4 days and killed a lot of plants. And I nearly froze.
Glad this one is now over.
But fun while it lasted.