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Christmas Bells
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Saturday, September 01, 2012

More on the Snowfall. Small, but nice = Snice.

I have played with the wording for snow before, including my personal favourite word "snice". This is what I woke up to this morning.

Last night, the snow fell, after small hail had covered (and chilled) the ground.
That gave the snow a chance to settle.
Then the skies cleared and the snow froze - into "snice" (snow becoming ice).

Don't worry its not in the dictionaries yet (but it is in Wikipedia).
When we in Robertson take over the world's dictionaries, it will be.
If I keep using it, it might make it into the Macquarie Dictionary one day.

Ground covered with "snice" in hte early morning

Looking towards my neighbour's yard

Snice on Mahonia japonica

Close-up of "snice" resting on grass

A long view along my property noundary

"Snice" on hte flower head of the
South African Honeyflower
Melianthus major

Again, on Melianthus major
I love the leaves of this plant.

Melianthus major snap frozen

Yet another shot of
Melianthus major snap frozen with "snice"
Oh, and as it is Wattle Day, I will throw this in for good measure.
A spring flowering Wattle, in the snow.


Snail said...

Blimey, that looks cold. (Which is not surprising, I suppose.) Was there enough to scrape together to make a sniceball?

Denis Wilson said...

Thanks Bronwen for using the word for me.
I certainly could have scraped enough clean "snice" from the car, but it was actually rock hard.
Not conducive to packing hard into a ball.
Not enough for a "snice-man".
Besides, I was not wearing gloves, and I know how cold that stuff is when you start to handle it.

Flabmeister said...


Updating my email yesterday, we got none of the (s)nice white stuff yesterday. In fact at home we got nothing measurable in the gauge at all yesterday: the rain/hail/snow stayed on the Western side of the Taliesin Hills.

Today however we were greeted with -7 this morning (which whitened the place up) and strong SW winds all day. A friend from Canberra who keeps weather records reckons she hasn't seen frosts like this year in the 10 that she has lived here,

That is certainly my view: I am SO over Winter.


mick said...

Very pretty! But the "pretty" factor soon wears off when you have to live with that stuff around for any length of time. I guess I could manage OK if its gone in a couple of days. How did your daffodils manage or are they all finished?

Le Loup said...

Snot fair you getting snice & us getting snuffing :(

Denis Wilson said...

Thanks Keith, Mick and Martin.
I should start a blog for Punsters, obviously.
Martin, I am impressed with your temperature records. I remember a series of late frosts in Canberra, (October) which included a -9. It killed lots of hardy shrubs.
The extra few degrees make a huge difference.
Mick, the Daffs are not troubled by frost or snice. Some are finishing off, but the ones which are still out are shining brightly, as ever.
Keith, do what the Wombats do and keep snuffling around. Something will turn up to amuse you.
Maybe some Truffles?

Flabmeister said...


I am currently reading an autobiography of Spike Milligan, compiled by his manager. In this he coins the word "Thinder" for "thin thunder". I reckon that is a nice word like 'snice'.


Denis Wilson said...

Thanks Martin
Literary approval appreciated.