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Saturday, September 08, 2012

Council Election results - early days

You can go to this page and check the early results for the Council Elections.

Wingecarribee Shire results:
Summary of First Preference Votes
Group/Party/INDFP VotesQuota
% Formal Votes
AGroup Votes
BGroup Votes
CGroup VotesALP2,6611.2412.42%
DGroup VotesGNS2,1521.0010.05%
EGroup VotesLP3,5301.6516.48%
FGroup Votes
GGroup Votes
HGroup Votes
IGroup Votes

Total Formal Votes Counted21,421

Total Informal Votes2,655

Progressive Total Ordinary Votes24,076

Readers outside of this wonderful patch of Democratic Heartland can check their own Council results on this Index Page:

Sydney people will know by now that Clover Moore has "shit it in" as they say.
Go Clover:
Keep on annoying Alan Jones;
and keep on "Destroying the Joint".


Incidentally, for the statistically inclined of you (OK at least one reader)

I am about to do the sums on Quotas.


The number of votes required by a candidate to be elected to the Legislative Council or a Councillor at Local Government Election. It is calculated by adding one to the result of the total number of formal votes divided by the number of vacancies plus one then rounding up any decimals. See proportional representation

Formal Votes obviously get counted (sorted) firstly.
21,421 divided by 9 = 2380 plus one vote = 2381

So, at the end of counting on Day 1 Groups A, C, D, E, F  and Duncan Gair (inside the Ungrouped "group") are all assured of election.
The largest cluster of "spare votes" to be distributed is with the L:iberal Party (Group E).
There has been a split in the Liberal Party (if not two splits - with former Councillor Stranger  running on his own ticket Group B. With another "split" after Juliet Arkwright named her ticket. So how those "spare votes" get distributed is critical to the outcome of the election.


Flabmeister said...


Is the result for Winge (note absent 'h') looking good (like Sydney) or bad?


Denis Wilson said...

Martin was making a play on words of W(h)inge-carribee (which I did not pick up on at first. Got it now.
Not a good result, Martin.
Close to Business as usual.
One strong pro-development group will need to get a strong preference flow. But with the Liberals holding 0.6% spare votes, there is a lot to go around.
Also, the failed candidates votes get re-distributed as they are eliminated.