Christmas Bells

Christmas Bells
Christmas Bells - Blandfordia nobilis

Sunday, September 02, 2012

Gibbosas in flower now.

This morning I met up with Tony Rodgers, to show him some of the "Gibbosas" at Albion Park. Silly me, I parked in a slightly different place to normal, and spend 15 minutes wandering about before I found the right spot. That is good, for it means the chance of people finding these Orchids on a random basis is not very high. Lets keep it that way.

Judging by various comments and feedback about "lost sunglasses found at Kurnell" etc, it seems many people know where those other rare and localised Orchids are. Who knows when "many" is too many?

A nice flowering stem
of Oligochaetochilus gibbosus

I find these unusual "Greenhoods" fascinating.
The thick, fleshy labellum protrudes on a hinge.
They can snap shut if disturbed, by an insect
or a clumsy photographer.
Oligochaetochilus gibbosus
This plant has the"lateral sepals" deflexed
even more than normal.
Oligochaetochilus gibbosus

A lovely specimen
found away from the main colony.

Oligochaetochilus gibbosus

Close-up of the Labellum
of Oligochaetochilus gibbosus
Note the two stiff fibrous hairs
 The even better news is that we found a number of individual specimens of these Orchids away from the main colony. 
Leaf rosettes of Oligochaetochilus gibbosus
These non-flowering plants are already going brown.

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