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Christmas Bells
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Thursday, September 13, 2012

Orchids ablaze at Nowra

I went to Nowra on Monday, and it was a hot sunny morning. Mostly the impression was of a blazing sun, with Sun Orchids so bright that they were almost impossible to photograph properly. The results were somewhat disappointing, and I wilted badly in the sun.

For the record I went looking for two groups of Leek Orchids which Alan Stephenson has reported in previous years, but has not seen himself, in modern times. There has been a lot of disturbance in the Nowra area. I looked, (because I had promised Alan that I would), but found no Leek Orchids. But I found heaps of regular Orchids. 

Heaps of them.

Photos follow, with names, but little commentary.

Thelymitra ixioides (without spots)

A non-Orchid, folks.
Patersonia sericea
And yes, I did check the fibres along the edge of the leaf blade.

Another Thelymitra ixioides without spots

This is a pale mauve form of Thel ixioides

Thelymitra ixioides - with spots

A better photo of one without spots.

Glossodia major

Sarcochilus falcatus on Cambewarra Mountain

Petalochilus alatus (from Bamerang, off Yalwal Rd)

Petalochilus carneus

Petalochilus fuscatus

Petalochilus hillmanii (from above)

Speculantha vernalis (Flat Rock Crk)

Thelymitra carnea
Thelychiton epiphyticus
Formerly Dendrobium speciosum
But this is the "tree form"
Dockrillia pugioniformis
"Dagger orchid"
Take my word for it.
I couldn't get any better image.
10 metres above my head,
under a Rainforest tree shade.


Flabmeister said...

What an excellent day! We have many leaves of Thelymitra pauciflora but no flowers yet. I think we are a couple of months off.


mick said...

They are all beautiful - and especially the sun orchids.

Denis Wilson said...

Thanks Mick and Martin.
I was surprised how hard they were to photograph in bright (harsh) sunlight.
I think in future I will use my body (head) to shade the flowers.
They were stunning.