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Christmas Bells
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Thursday, October 25, 2012

Nature photos from Jerrawangala NP and Bulee Gap

A new batch of Nature photos has been added to my Picasa Photo-sharing Album.
It is publicly visible.

Plants and one beetle found along Main Road 92 - the road from Nowra to Nerriga.
Some were low down, in Jerrawangala National Park. The Leek Orchids were found there.

As yet un-named Leek Orchid
This is the same species as is found along
Tourist Road, Kangaloon.
Copper Beard Orchid
Calochilus campestris

The Boronias and Philotheca and Darwinia and the beautiful orange Drosera were all found high on the range, at 900 metres. 

Sun Orchids and Diuris Orchids found in both localities.

Spotted Sun Orchid
Thelymitra ixioides
Drosera glanduligera
Pimpernel Sundew

This beautiful orange Sundew was a "first" for me. I have subsequently learnt that this species is famous for having fast-moving long "hairs" around the edge of its leaves, which lie on the ground. These prominent hairs are hinged and movement-sensitive. These special hairs flip an insect up and into the centre of the leaf, where the sticky glands are located, which trap and then dissolve the insect - for the nutrition of the plant.
There is a long video which explains much about this particular species.

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