Christmas Bells

Christmas Bells
Christmas Bells - Blandfordia nobilis

Monday, October 29, 2012

Quick trip to Gloucester

I visited Gloucester this last weekend, to participate in the "Groundswell Gloucester" Conference.
I have uploaded a series of images of the main speakers (not all, however, as the conference included a series of workshops, so inevitably no-one sees or hears everything).

I have also uploaded here a few images of some of the birds I saw in the grounds of the township of Gloucester.

As usual, you can click to enlarge the images to see the details better.

Sacred Kingfisher
which was nesting in this tree.

Black-faced Cuckoo-Shrike flying over me.

Satin Bowerbird waiting near his Bower

Satin Bowerbird's bower is a display ground - not a nest.
Blue "toys" scattered on the far side of the Bower.
Mostly blue plastic - straws and bottle tops
Some Crimson Rosella tail feathers (blue ones).

Next door to my motel there was a clump of
"Wild Tobacco" plants where the local
Cattle Egrets assembled each night to roost.
Safety in numbers, presumably.

Several Helicopters were being used by the RFS
as there was a large fire burning to the north from Gloucester

Male Australian King-Parrot
This bird flew into the Motel grounds while I was watching.

Male Pied Butcherbird
Two adult Pied Butherbirds and a chick

It was the presence of the chick which
presumably triggered this and other similar
divebombing displays.
One the second morning, the air was clear of smoke
and this was the view from our Motel.

A massive rock face is a feature of the Buckets Range.

Full view of the Buckets Range.
Wild Country by any measure.
Talking of wild country
It seems this geography has inspired the locals
to "go feral" - at least in their slogans.
lets hope it is merely a "bluff"


mick said...

It sounds like an interesting and very important set of meetings. Here's hoping that government starts listening! In between times you managed to see and photograph a great lot of birds.

Flabmeister said...

Nice images from a lovely part of the country! Your final image reminded me of the sign erected by the Council of Durango, Colorado (,_Colorado) when we lived in that State in 1981. "You are entering Durango, home of Louis Lamour and the Sackett family. Check your guns and lock up your daughters."