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Christmas Bells
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Friday, November 16, 2012

A place called Robertson - Tony and Anna's Documentary

The documentary "A place called Robertson" which Tony Williams and Anna Hewgill have been making for several years is now being previewed via a "trailer".

Tony and Anna filming at the Robbo Show
March 2011
The full video is not yet available, it seems, but it is intended to be screened early next year, apparently.
But there is a very nice introduction available on their Website.
Scroll down to the second image and click on the white arrow.
You need sound "on" to appreciate it.

I am really looking forward to it, even though my own brief interview made its way to the "cutting room floor". As Tony would say "Bugger".


Flabmeister said...

a great trailer about a great village.

It has taken me 3 goes to get a verification set that is legible. Is Blogger trying to drive people to the intellectual desert of Facebook?


Tony Williams said...

Hi Denis - thanks for the story, but I must update you - you are not in the trailer, but absolutely you are in the final film - all the way through actually. So no cuttingroom floor for you!!

Denis Wilson said...

But Tony, that means I can no longer use the Bugger joke (and link).
Good news (for me).

Denis Wilson said...

Thanks for persevering with the comments process.
I find it helps to squint, and I definitely have to move my glasses (bifocals) around, to get a good look at the squiggles.