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Saturday, November 17, 2012

Denis the Dinosaur?

Am I meant to be "Denis the Dinosaur" - from the Robertson Nature Reserve?
I can take that.

Here is the image (which I really like, by the way) courtesy of the Illawarra Mercury staff photographer,

Photo by Greg Totman
Illawarra Mercury supplement
17 November 2012
For the record, I did not grow up amongst "open sub-tropical forests" as is suggested. I had tried to compare the Robertson Rainforest with the "open forests" I had grown up with in Canberra. I had also tried to distinguish our "cool temperate rainforests" from the "sub-tropical rainforests" of the Illawarra region (where the paper is published). Somehow the wires got a little crossed.

Apart from that, I am happy with the article by Michelle Tydd.She did ring me to clear the text, over the phone, but I missed the subtlety of that description of the forest type.


Jane Hood said...

Dear Denis,
Well done. It was an informative article.
The Robertson Nature reserve is an asset to the town. It is a lovely place to walk and absorb the positive energy of nature.
Jane Hood

Denis Wilson said...

Thanks Jane.
I agree - it is an interesting place to recharge one's batteries.

Flabmeister said...

Good to see some recognition!

I thought you grew up in Melbourne, so more of an Urban Jungle. Or does that epithet only apply to the suburb linked to a particular AFL team?

Denis Wilson said...

Hi Martin
I was born in Melbourne, but I have always regarded Canberra as where I grew up - especially in terms of the Natural World.
I am not a supporter of any AFL team. But my father was born in Richmond, and that is close to Collingwood (which is where I suspect you were heading, with your comment).