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Monday, November 05, 2012

Sutton Forest Blockade and news re Hume Coal

I am reliably informed that some people call Hume Coal, by nasty words.

Why? They turned up late in the afternoon and tried to enter the blockaded property.

What is it which is so hard to understand? The farmers of Sutton Forest have collectively "Locked the Gate" against Hume Coal and POSCO. They want to protect their land and water, and not see these assets destroyed for short-term profit, especially not for a foreign company.

Kim's father was a WW11 fighter pilot and no doubt she picked up a bit of the vernacular from him.
I know she inherited his fighting spirit.

So, when it eventually came to pass, Hume Coal, (the agents of the Korean invaders POSCO) tried to cross the blockade, fortunately Kim was there to Shoo them away.

Southern Highlands Coal Action Group
Shoo Cockatoo artwork, by Patrick Cook
Today's effort was the first such successful Shooing of the Cockatoo.

Southern Highlands Coal Action Group Blockade
Day 34 - 5 November 2012

Pat Jordan showing her angry look
at the idea of coal mining in the Southern Highlands
Pat Jordan (back left, with fingers in V for Victory sign)
Larry Whipper, Deputy Mayor,
Jan Hainke, and Virginia and Alain

Even the cripples have been raised,
to defend the Land and Water.
Defiant faces of the Sutton Forest Blockade
A full crowd of defiant blockaders.
No passing up this private road.

Local Radio presenter Graeme Day, (Radio 2ST)
with Peter Martin
The Hume Coal people turned up late in the afternoon and claimed to have authority to enter the property. But they had no paperwork to support that claim, so the road remained blocked by vehicles.
They left.
No doubt they will be back.

If you are on Facebook you can see these photos and a lot more on the SHCAG Facebook page Album.


Flabmeister said...

Well done SHCAG. More strength to your arms.


Denis Wilson said...

Thanks Martin.
If we get arrested, perhaps you could send us a file, in a cake?

Flabmeister said...


One further thought. I am not too fussed about the Korean-ness of POSCO. If they come from a different country they may have a different set of values, and thus require guidance about Australian customs. Perhaps the nice Mr O'Farrell or the nice Ms Gillard could provide that guidance. (I wouldn't hold my breath however).

However, what I note is that that POSCO's partner in the Hume Coal Project has the good ocker name of Cockatoo Coal so there should be some true-blues lurking in there somewhere, and THEY SHOULD KNOW BETTER!

So I looked at to see who these patriotic (not) people are. We'll start off with POSCO as the fattest cat in this coven - not much chance of a dispute between partners there. Then we get into a whole bunch of nominee companies.

Presumably there are some humans somewhere around but, if so, not only are they b*stards, as you suggested some might call them but they are also gutless b*stards for not being willing to put their names to their b*stardry.

Denis Wilson said...

Thanks Martin
No argument from me on any of your comments.