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Christmas Bells
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Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Please watch out for local Wombats, in Robbo.

We all know that there are Wombats about on the roadside edges, in and around Robertson.
Some of them appear to be stubborn and stupid and their behaviour can be un-predictable.
But in some cases there is evidence that locals go out of their way to deliberately run over Wombats.

This was a healthy young male Wombat

His eyes were not affected by mange
He has bled from the nose, indicating a head injury.

His hind feet are very good condition

And the front paws and toes are in excellent shape.
These are their main digging tools.
This one died opposite the Robertson Nature Reserve, close to the new Sewerage Scheme pumping station, at the eastern end of South Street. This is a 50 KpH speed zone, and very close to a nearly blind right angle corner which warrants slow speed anyway.

He was about 20 metres off the road, and from blood stains, he had been even closer to the fence, before he eventually died. But there are heavy vehicle tyre tracks beside the road (off the road). To me, it looks like someone deliberately ran him over, and then he staggered towards the fence, couldn't get through the fence, and circled back a few metres before he died. Not a quick death. And frankly, if my theory is right, this has all the hallmarks of a bastard act.

I do know that sometimes they charge across roads, and get hit - in circumstances beyond the control of drivers. But such events do not involved heavy skid marks on grass, off the side of the road. That's why I figure this is a deliberate killing, not an accident.

I am aware that many "locals" regard Wombats as vermin. That is unfortunate. If they continue to be killed on roads at the rate at which we all see dead ones, in winter and spring, then one day we will realise it it too late, and we will bemoan the loss of a once-common animal (just as has happened with their arboreal cousins, the Koalas).

Wildlife carers swear that Wombats are actually very smart and engaging creatures.
Many talk about their ability to sniff out a packet of chocolate biscuits from the back of a cupboard.
(No comments on the suitability of that as a diet, please).
But in terms of them being frisky little critters; check out this video.

Wombats are protected animals, and ought not be killed like this.

1 comment:

Denis Wilson said...

i have been asked by Martin Butterfield (Flabmeister) to publish the following as a comment from him>
"If someone had deliberately run over a wombat they are beneath contempt. As you say wombats do stupidly run across the road and that is just Darwinism in action. However to go off road deliberately seeking to kill one of these amusing animals implies total lack of basic humanity."
Denis (for and on behalf of Martin).