Christmas Bells

Christmas Bells
Christmas Bells - Blandfordia nobilis

Monday, July 01, 2013

Rain has officially finished - for now. + evening edit

I recorded just 0.5mm of "rain" yesterday. Probably in fact the result of a heavy dew. But moisture is moisture.
But I am pleased to show the first full 60 KM view I have been able to see for the last 10 days.

A full range view into the Shoalhaven Valley
Some sign of mist on the
ridge on the way up to Sassafras.
That is approximately 60 KMs away.
 Sunny days are great for plants and animals (including me and my fellows, and Lulu).  She can rejoice in sitting outside at Cafe Pirouette this morning.


Here is a distant photo of "Mountain Ducks" (Chestnut-breasted Shelducks or "Australian Shelducks". I found them on this same paddock on 1 July last year. Synchronicity? I got much better photos last year - but today they got spooked by traffic and flew to the far side of the paddock. But the bird is still recognisable (if you click on the image to enlarge it). There were two birds, a pair, but the female is hiding behind a clump of long grass. The male has its bold white neck ring clearly visible.
Australian Shelduck in paddock
on the way to Moss Vale
And now an evening view of the same distant panorama, looking over the Upper Shoalhaven valley, towards Sassafras.
A zoomed image, in last afternoon light.
The hills are blue, and it is good to see them
at 60 Km distance - that's not bad.

The far ridge goes up to Sassafras.
That is on Main Road 92
from Nowra to Nerriga and on to Braidwood.

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