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Christmas Bells
Christmas Bells - Blandfordia nobilis

Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Some Orchids of the Shoalhaven 31 July 2013

Alan Stephenson and I went out for the day, on Wednesday 31 July.We were looking for a few unusual Orchids which our records showed ought be in flower at this time of year.

As with many "Corybas" (Helmet Orchids), leaves of the Anzybas unguiculatus were found, but flowers were few and far between. Ultimately we found a few "finished" flowers, but only one which was properly open. They were in heavy leaf-litter under mixed Turpentine and Bloodwood forest.

Corybas unguiculatus (Anzybas unguiculatus)
We then drove across Deans Gap Fire Trail to a location Alan knows, under a powerline, where we found a good flowering of "Gnat Orchids". Many had tiny leaves, and they were showing only one or two flowers. But some had reasonably large leaves, with up to 3 flowers and a bud.
Cyrtostylis reniformis - "Gnat Orchid"

Boronia ledifolia ("Showy Boronia")

There were many Nodding Greenhoods in flower.
Pterostylis nutans
We found a small group of these lovely "Maroon-hoods".
Pterostylis pedunculata
We then returned towards Nowra and Alan spotted these
beautiful little "Blue Caladenias" (Cyanicula caerulea)
in flower at Flat Rock Creek.
Gorgeous little things and the first of "pretty Orchids" we found.
A sign of a coming Spring season?

Cyanicula caerulea

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