Christmas Bells

Christmas Bells
Christmas Bells - Blandfordia nobilis

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

A week of strange weather in Robbo

This week started with the promise of rain, but little of nothing arrived.

Then we got a lot of drizzle, and on Monday night it arrived.
Heavy rain, then lashing rain, then hail, and thunder.
Poor little Lulu was very distressed and asked for "protection" so I picked her up on the bed. Strange how that works for kids and dogs. Maybe they are really just the same creatures, in different body shapes.

Then on Tuesday I saw that there was still a "drift" of the fine hail we had had about midnight.
A pleasant surprise to find this hail
still hanging on, in the early afternoon
on Tuesday,
Given that I got 60mm of heavy rain overnight, I was surprised that the hail had not melted in the rain.

My driveway coating washed down the hill, towards the peonies.

Peony "Sarah Bernhardt"
Peony "Bowl of Beauty"
Road base washed down the hill, towards my house.
It makes walking along my path to the front door a little less secure.

I went out to Carrington Falls to check the flow in the Upper Kangaroo River. It was flowing reasonably, but anything but in flood. But it had been nearly dry the weekend before.

Compare how it looked after heavy rain
in late June 2013

Stick Daisy Bush
Olearia elliptica subsp elliptica

Petrophile pedunculata"Conesticks"

Lambertia formosaMountain Devil looking very bright in the sun

Leptospermum morrisonii

Locals might note this proposed road closure
up to 45 minutes at a time.
The pedestrian access is surely a joke.
 I managed to collect a Leech out at Carrington Falls (I was hardly off the pathway - except perhaps to take  a couple of plant photos beside the path). Anyway, I found this leech crawling across my floor later in the afternoon.
Leech pretending to be a beached whale.
It had certainly had a good feed on my leg.
For grammatical pedants among you, is there a proper word for how Leeches progress across the ground - other then "leeching"?

Tonight, there was a lovely gentle sunset.
Sunset 13 November 2013
A nice way to conclude the cycle of weather we have experience this week.

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