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Christmas Bells
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Monday, November 04, 2013

Blue-tongue Lizard in Kangaloon

This Blue-tongue Lizard was in good health,but really didn't wish to be moved off the road.
It was destined to be crushed if it had not budged. They have a habit of "basking in the sun" to warm themselves up -  somewhat dangerous habit, resulting in many of them being squashed by cars.
Blue-tongue Lizard
enjoying the warmth of the bitumen road.
It is in lovely "condition"
So I got right in front of it, hoping it would open flick out its blue tongue, but it would not co-operate with me.
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Close up of head.
 Eventually it decided to run for cover, and ran to the grass, beside the road.

Is this a pregnant Lizard?
It started flicking its blue tongue about once every step, but I did not manage to capture the tongue sticking out.

For a fat lizard, it can actually move reasonably fast (nothing like a Sand Goanna) but the timing of its tongue-flicking defeated me. I could not capture that image.

                                                              Here is a shot I took in 2007.

Blue-tongue Lizard - showing its famous blue tongue

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