Christmas Bells

Christmas Bells
Christmas Bells - Blandfordia nobilis

Friday, December 20, 2013

Rare Orchids at East Lynne - the very southern edge of Shoalhaven Shire

Yesterday, Alan Stephenson and I travelled to East Lynne, to check some Corunastylis vernalis which are known to exist near East Lynne. We found a small number of these plants still in flower. A number of pollinated plants were also seen, but not photographed.

They are fairly hard to see, (even if you know where they are said to be) as they are small, dark purplish-red flowers on stems a mere 150mm high (they grow taller once pollinated).

Corunastylis vernalis flowers
stem of flowering plant
and a young plant coming up.
Both show typical red base to the stem.
Corunastylis vernalis
 These plants are now thoroughly documented, courtesy of the Federal EPBC  listing and the associated detailed National Recovery Plan prepared by NSW NPWS.

After recording these plants, we drove up the track a bit further, and I found a single specimen of a Beard Orchid, which Alan identified as Calochilus gracillimus, the Slender Beard Orchid. It is also known as the "Late Beard Orchid" because of its delayed flowering season, compared to others in this genus.

Calochilus gracillimus
I cannot resist showing this lovely
Dipodium variegatum
If you are feeling peckish, after looking for these Orchids, you can take Tim, The Yowie Man's culinary advice and call in to the East Lynne Store (roadhouse, and cafe) just up the highway a little way, and have a coffee and one of their own genuine, home-baked pies which both Tim and I recommend.

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