Christmas Bells

Christmas Bells
Christmas Bells - Blandfordia nobilis

Friday, December 13, 2013

Recent photos

Here  are some recent photos - from today, Friday 13, and several preceding days.

Lulu resting at Gordon's place
She had been doing
"Figure of 8" runs around his back yard.

My first photo of the "Little Wheels"
which I have had to purchase to replace the beloved 4WD
which has a terminal sickness in its motor.
This one runs well.
Hard for an old half-cripple like me to get in and out of.

Hyacinth Orchid which I showed to Cathryn and
her fellow botanical artist friends..
Dipodium roseum

He holding a single flower
Dipodium roseum

A full stem flower
Dipodium roseum
The local Helicias are ripening
These plants are right on their southern distribution
here in Robertson.
I am always intrigued as to whether they fruit colour
is related to the Bowerbirds
as potential dispersers of seed.

They have a low fertility rate, it seems.


Brigid said...

Luv-er-ly, Denis!

Denis Wilson said...

Thanks Brigid

I was tired and hence limited text.

You are the only person who has succeeded in posting comments.

That might be because you are linked as an author.

Alas for the old car. I really liked it, but the motor has overheated massively.
Great to get in and out of, compared to the low car.
I have bought a "Handybar" detachable handle which hooks onto the "striker" on the door post.