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Christmas Bells
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Saturday, April 15, 2006

Another Eagle

I have finally succeeded in downloading all the photos from my camera, and burning copies onto a CD. This is not normally a big deal, but I have been operating on borrowed computers (thanks Brendan).

When one is operating with familar equipment, with the usual "USB Drivers", etc, necessary for one's camera, this is not a problem. However, with a new camera, and on borrowed computers, it has all been a bit of a worry.

But now I can safely delete all the photo files from the memory of the camera. I have been terrified that I would somehow manage to "lose" these files before I could safely store them.

I can now relax about that, and over the next few weeks, I should be able to show you a few more photos from my recent trip to Narooma.

Tonight, I will settle with a single photo of another Sea Eagle. It is the same species as the "silhouette" photo from the other day. White-breasted Sea Eagle (Haliaeetus leucogaster)

This photo was taken out on Montague Island, on a day when the sky was particularly clear. The Sea Eagles out there are not too shy of people, I am pleased to say.

Truly wonderful creatures. Their relaxed manner of flight makes them look majestic.

To my astonishment, on the full pixel resolution on the original photo I can even see the blue eyes of this bird.
That file size is far too large to "upload" onto the blog, I am afraid.

However, I have saved this file at a much larger size than normal, so I hope you can appreciate the elegance of this bird. (Click on the photo to open the larger size image).

Another photo for Miss Eagle. You might read her comments the other day, to understand why I have gone with the Eagle again.


Miss Eagle said...

Denis, this photo is magnificent. I don't think I have seen such a photograph as this. I think all the photographs that I have seen of an eagle in flight focus on with wing span/spread. This one, to me, seems to depict the eagle using its knowledge of aerodynamics to travel. The eagle is one with nature, creation, the elements, the wind. Can you post any details from what you recall of its flight when this was taken? Is it a take-off? Is it in upward flight? Thank you so much.

Blessings and bliss and thank you for visitng.

Denis Wilson said...

Hi Miss Eagle.
This bird was flying over Montague Island, which is relatively large island (a small mountain, really) 6 Km out to sea from Narooma. It was a crystal clear sky, hence the amazing clarity of light.
It was flying across my line of sight, hence you do not see both wings. When there is any breeze or uplift, (as there is around the top of the island) these birds can soar effortlessly.

This species always holds its wings in a very high position. From straight on, it looks like it is holding its wings in a deep V formation. I just happened to snap this shot as the bird was at right angles to me, so what you see is the wing held in its maximum extended position - what would be the top of its wing beat. But, of course, when soaring, they do not beat much at all, just circle around.
Generally it is assumed that they are hunting for food, but quite often I think they fly like this, because they can - just enjoying being "in their element".

Feel free to contact me by email (go to my "profile") and I can send you several more photos, (or at higher resolution) if you wish.

Anni said...

Hi Denis - a great shot. It was worth buying that camera, and I am quite envious!

Denis Wilson said...

Hi Anni

Thanks. I agree with the comment about the "investment". I was too superstitious to make that comment myself.
From an artistic point of view I prefer the silhouette shot from a few days earlier. But it was a pleasant surprise when I started to download the images to realise quite how lucky I had been.

Glad you enjoy looking at it as much as I enjoy remembering seeing the bird in the flesh.