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Christmas Bells
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Friday, April 28, 2006

News from Denis, via Zoe.

Hi all, it's Zoe here. Denis has asked me to do his blogging for him. He spent a large part of yesterday writing out the blog instructions (4 pages of them) and his blog entry for me. Something to keep him from going mad with boredom, as he is still feeling quite well.

Anyway, here's Denis:-

Yesterday the Howard government killed off the last dream of the Whitlam government - Medibank.

Of course it has changed over the years, and Medicare has partly replaced the original idea. But the "fear and loathing" school of politicians, who have made the decision, reveal themselves as shallow reactionaries with long memories.

Except, they can't abandon those memories when it comes to introducing a national "identity card" - albeit under a new name. Where is Peter Reith now? a footnote in history.

I shall have to cease listening to the news.

I am now on a "rest day" between the last of the chemotherapy treatments, and the "stem cell" re-transplant. This is the return to me of my own "stem cells" harvested from bone marrow last year - so it's called an "autologous transplant" - meaning back to the "same place".

So far I am feeling fine. Eventually this will change (for a while). But so far, so good. That's all I can say for now.

Love to all.

P.S. Missing Robertson


Zoe here again. Dad had his transplant today. It was an easy procedure, it took about 30 minutes. He has been moved to the High Dependancy Unit of the cancer ward. But he is still feeling ok(ish). A bit queezy and tired, but mainy bored and I think slightly apprehensious. The nursing staff in ward 14B are all wonderful, and he amususes himself by being cheeky to them all day long.
Denis and I will be in touch again soon.
Love Zoe.


Miss Eagle said...

Zoe, great job. Thank you for all the news. Glad to know that so far things are going well - am praying that the whole event works OK. Please tell him Miss Eagle did an extensive post to prove there was one thing worse than privatising Medibank Private and that was privatising the military. My daughter, Herself, will agree with him about not listening to the news. She tries to avoid it and tells me to do the same. Come and visit again soon, Zoe, and give my best wishes and prayers to Denis.

ms*robyn said...

keeping Denis in my prayers and thoughts.
I have posted about him on a new prayer blog that I am getting up and going - - hope that is ok:

(if you want the entry removed please let me know)

ms*robyn said...

oh & I agree - forget the news. I don't listen to it anymore - I put my head in the sand.

Greg Chapman said...

Hi Denis and Zoe, Greg here !! :)

I've just read your blog. Next weekend I am going to participate in that Relay For Life event happening on the 6th and 7th May. I have joined in John's "Merlot Therapy" group. I have donated $100 of my own money to the Cancer Council. I hope we have a nice weekend, weatherwise in Bowral for Relay For Life. Anyway get well soon Denis !! We miss you both !!

Anonymous said...

hi Denis & Zoe. We've just discovered these great blogs. So nice to catch up from afar. Our thoughts are with Denis. Will keep an eye our for any news.

Our new Wilsons are due late in May. Will be back from London in November to introduce them to everyone. Take care, Grant & Tracey

Anni said...

I was going to write something deep but completely forgot it when I saw the word verification below. It says 'agngmgnm'. How can you write something deep, followed by agngmgnm?
Denis, you should see the new patio Anthony has just finished on our backyard. And another bit of good, local gossip - someone is going to reopen the Three creeks cafe.
Lots of camellias in flower everywhere. Snowbells and jonquils are shooting.
BJ and Anthony have the flu, Andy and I are still fighting to avoid it.
I hope you are still mostly suffering from boredom.