Christmas Bells

Christmas Bells
Christmas Bells - Blandfordia nobilis

Tuesday, April 04, 2006

The Tooth Fairy and Denis.

The Tooth Fairy visited Denis, yesterday, and gave him a holiday. It happened like this:

Once upon a time, Denis was about to have some nasty old chemicals pumped into his body. But the Tooth Fairy decided that he needed to be more relaxed before that happened. So she made his silly old tooth ache, just before he visited the nice nurse, Liz, in the Hospital. She said: "Goodness, what a nasty old tooth you have - Why not have the Dentist take a look at it?" The Dentist said - "What a nasty old tooth you have - Why not let me take it out, and give it to the Tooth Fairy, who needs it to make some Baby Piano keys." (That was after the nice Dentist had given Denis some funny stuff in his mouth, to make his mouth feel all happy, of course.) Naturally, Denis could not resist such a charming request from the Tooth Fairy.

After that happened, Nurse Liz said: "Goodness, what a great big hole you have in your jaw, now. The Doctors won't be able to give you the nasty old Chemicals till that has healed over."

And so it came to pass that Denis ended up having a totally unplanned trip to the Coast.

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Unknown said...

I guess, Denis, somebody decided a toothache free holiday is something that you needed more. You should be in a good frame of mind for that chemo. God go with you.