Christmas Bells

Christmas Bells
Christmas Bells - Blandfordia nobilis

Monday, April 24, 2006

Zoe's Joey.

Zoe liberated me from the hospital about 4:30 this afternoon, and with roughly 30 minutes of light left, we headed to Yarralumla Bay (actually, to the Peninsula, beside the Lake, in the centre of Canberra).

We were in luck with a few birds, some of those large white Parrots (who dare not utter their name) and some Spur-winged Plovers (Masked Lapwings to those who keep up to date with bird names), a glimpse of a very nice male Scarlet Robin, and a Little (Yellow) Thornbill, a few Red-rumped Grass Parrots, a couple of camera-shy Eastern Rosellas, more of those large white Parrots hanging from trees, eating their fat-faces full. And, of course, the mandatory Eastern Swamphens (a.k.a., Purple Gallinules) Can you believe these modern Bird Names?

We were lucky enough with a nice Mum and Bub, Grey Kangaroo, (Macropus giganteus) who were obviously rostered onto the afternoon shift to keep the tourists happy. This one earned the name of Zoe's Joey, as Zoe got to take the shot. of this "cute as button" little joey.

We tried a few other photos, without much luck, some "just for the record types" - nice to have but not worth publishing. Maybe, just maybe this image is worth trying.

It is a collage of 3 separate shots which I have tried to fuse into a "cartoon" of this funny bird (Cacatua galerita) being so obviously please with itself having found a late afternoon snack of the cone of an Atlas Cedar (Cedrus atlantica) which is a common tree in this park, in Canberra.

Step 1: What's this over here?

Step 2: Oh, this looks OK. I'll pick it up with my right foot, first, just to test it out.

Step 3: Oh, Yes, Dinner! Cedrus atlantica, how I like you.

Zoe has reminded me that she took the 3 "cartoon" images of the large white parrot - how soon they get jealous of their "credits"! Simple mistake, dear daughter. Yes, the bird was on the left hand side of the car. DJW

The next photo is a of a lovely pair of Red-rumped Grass Parrots, charming little seed-eaters, which love Canberra's open grassland parks. Each is roughly twice the size of a Budgerigah, for those of you not familiar with this species. A small Parrot. Half the size of a Rosella, for example. Despite their brilliant green chest and head feathers, and blue wings and back, the males blend into the grass beautifully. The females, (always more important to the species survival, are drab little creatures, to make them less susceptible to attack. Well, that's my theory, anyway. I know some tropical parrots reverse the trend, but not many.)

The males have the trade-mark red rump, but it is often not visible till they fly away, chirruping, into the nearest Gum Tree, for shelter. I got lucky, with this shot.


Also, for the record, I am still doing all right, and am facing up to being admitted on Wednesday. Not sure if this is because the stuff, which is already in my system, will have kicked in by then or they have some more serious stuff to give me yet.

So, in a word, I am not scared yet, but I reserve (to myself) the right to get scared. OK? Thanks for the messages of support, folks. Much appreciated.

Anyway, that's why I am playing around with a few photos, to amuse, or more precisely, divert myself. Diversion therapy, a la Nikon - much recommended.


Anni said...

The sulphur-crested cacatua looks like Mr. Curly!

Glad to hear you are doing well, all things considered. Loved the picture of Zoe's Joey.

Denis Wilson said...

Hi anni.
Nice point. I have wondered where Leunig took his inspiration from. Both have a similarly weird sense of humour.
I liked the "soft focus" of the Joey Shot. Very cute. Thanks.