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Christmas Bells
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Thursday, January 18, 2007

Fires across NSW and Victoria

Here is a very brief post, with a link to a very clever interactive map published in Rupert's website (hereafter to be known as Rupert's Blog).

I am always reluctant to give the "Dirty Digger" a free plug, but credit where credit is due. The map associated with this story works well. Click on any of the dots, and a screen will open up explaining what is happpening with that particular area, and will give you links, if there are any to follow up on.

The story itself starts with a report on a possibility that a particular fire in South Australia (in which one person died) might have originated with a BBQ gone wrong. But from page 2 onwards, you will find an update on the major fires in Victoria. It seems this story on Rupert's blog probably originated in the Herald Sun.

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