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Christmas Bells
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Saturday, January 20, 2007

Liberal Candidates inspect the Kangaloon Aquifer

On Friday 19 January, the Liberal Candidates for the region descended upon the Kangaloon area - having strategy meetings with the Save Water Alliance, and then doing an inspection of the Kangaloon Aquifer works area.

In the morning, Pru Goward, the Liberal Candidate for Goulburn met with the SWA people, and then we went on to the main works area, on Tourist Road, just east of the Nepean River crossing. This was an interesting and informative meeting, and Pru was keen to lear about the Aquifer.

In the afternoon we met with Ann Sudmalis, the candidate for Kiama - which includes Robertson and the area up to Sheepwash Road (Kangaloon, Glenquarry and across to Avoca and Fitzroy Falls). Ann was with Michael Richardson, Shadow Minister for the Environment. I would have to say that the SWA people were disappointed that Michael Richardson appeared not to have received copies of the materials which had been forwarded on to Peter Debnam. And so he was poorly briefed on the Kangaloon Aquifer issue. None-the-less once on site, in Kangaloon he quickly appreciated the value of this area of bush, and the reasons why we were so keen to protect it from being sucked dry through pumping by the SCA.

Ann Sudmalis is across the issues to do with the Aquifer, and is keen to assist in whatever way she can. As a matter of fact she was just on the phone, as I write this entry, speaking with me about a further submission to DEH, and also offering to help in any way possible.

The attitude of the Liberal candidates is in total contrast with the attitude of Matt Brown, who is still in denial about the SCA's plans, quoting it as "deep water" which is going to be taken. It is not. We have shown him documentary evidence of that, and he still keeps quoting the SCA "line". Matt Brown is totally wrong in his assertions about that point.

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