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Monday, January 15, 2007

The Kangaloon Aquifer - what is happening?

Pipes ready to be joined up.
What is happening with the Kangaloon Aquifer?

Well the SCA contractors are steadily laying out pipes, in preparation for pumping, soon.

The workers cannot (or will not) say what their timetable is.

large diameter pipes

However, they are obviously getting ready to pump. These pipes are 25mm in diameter (roughly one foot, in the "old money") so they will pump a huge amount of water throught these pipes,
24 hours per day,
7 days a week.
for 6 months. It's a hell of a trial pumping program.

Regular readers will recall the stories about the Mittagong Geebung which I identified (with some difficulty) as being not just an ordinary Geebung, but a rare and endangered species. I published a photograph of this very same plant on 29 March 2006, in a special blog about this endangered species.

The "endangered plant"
has been "saved"

Well, in a wonderfully ironic move, the contractors have erected a protective fence around this particular plant.

On 1 March 2006 I wrote: "this plant does exist - in Kangaloon, within 50 metres of one of these test bore sites. What chance does it have of surviving if that place becomes a pumping station?" Well their answer is to say: Don't worry, we shall put up a fence around this particular plant. It's nice to see that the SCA has been reading this blog, and acted to protect this particular plant.

Aquifer notice. (click on image
to read the details)

It's a shame that pumping the bores may kill off the Kangaloon Aquifer, don't you think?

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