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Christmas Bells
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Sunday, February 25, 2007

Bowral people turn out to stop pumping

There was a full hall in Bowral last night, which was great.

Phil Herd kicked the meeting off, by backgrounding the work of the Save Water Alliance.
We did our Video presentation, then the SCA Chief Executive Officer, Graeme Head, and the Senior Project Manager, John Ross spoke, and outlined the background to the project. Unfortunately, John Ross happened to mention that their work had been "peer reviewed". That gave me a small "brain explosion" and I got up and told him that: "It's not enough to commission "Peer Reviews" - you've got to Fuckin' read 'em!!!"

Just to make the point (slightly more subtly) I then quoted (by heart) Prof Derek Eamus's last sentence in his Peer Review of the SMEC report:
"There is much work to be done, however, before the following question can be answered: What level of groundwater extraction is sustainable and what level of extraction does NOT pose an unacceptable threat to groundwater dependent ecosystems? This is the core question which must be addressed by the SCA prior to groundwater abstraction."

I then gave a presentation based upon slides of the area, featuring some of the fault lines in the district, and also Riley's Sugarloaf, where I pointed out that the geology model on which they based their assumption is wrong. So, what confidence can we have in their analysis, if their preliminary "assumptions" are wrong?

I am falling asleep at the Computer, so I shall expand the report tomorrow.

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